Artist  statement:

Through my narrative pencil portraits I communicate the joy of motherhood, the magic and innocence of childhood, but also the fragility of all these things.

As a mother of three - two beautiful imaginative boys and one stillborn daughter Emma - I channel my deepest emotions into my art.

All my drawings are very personal.

A wonderful Canadian writer Helen Marshall said in an interview, "Write the stories only you can write." In my art I strive at just this: drawing the images only I can draw.


Marta Oliehoek-Samitowska is a portrait artist and works mostly with graphite and coloured pencils.

Marta was born in 1977 in Krakow, Poland. Growing up in a grey communistic country had a great influence on her. She constantly looked for colours and magic. Both she found in her children's books and old Disney films. She remembers very clearly her fascination with the illustrations of Polish artist Jan Marcin Szancer and with Disney's "Sleeping Beauty" - the eerie colours, the play between light and shadows, the magic world you can create with colours. She wanted to convey all this in her own drawings. However, she decided to take up art seriously only in 2014, after the loss of her stillborn daughter Emma. Art helped Marta deal with her emotions and communicate them with the others.

In 2000 Marta earned her MA degree in English literature at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland. In 2001 she moved to the Netherlands. In 2005 she finished her bachelor study of Dutch Language and Culture at the University of Leiden.

In 2013 Marta self-published a book about her huge inspiration, Kate Bush. The book was entitled "Symphony in Blue: Kate Bush and her Legacy" and dealt with the English singer's enormous influence on modern musicians.

Between 2015 and 2017 Marta worked closely with artist and instructor Cindy Wider of drawpj.com who became Marta's personal mentor. During that period Marta learned not only the technical aspects of drawing, but also how important art can be and how much you can say with just a couple of lines. During her time with Cindy, Marta developed her own style as well.

Her first exhibition took place in March 2019 in her home town Delft.

Marta's drawings have been published in The Guide Artists Magazine, Hypperrealism Magazine, Colored Pencil Hidden Treasures (twice), Ann Kullberg's COLOR and Colored Pencil Magazine.

Currently living and working in The Netherlands, Marta - while not drawing - spends a lot of time with her two sons Adrian and Alex, watches old films with her husband, reads a lot of horror and fantasy, and listens to melancholic music. That all gives Marta even more inspiration for her drawings.