"I'm a sucker for writer interviews and when combined with Marta's unblinking artwork it's a match made in hell! The writers' perception of the silver screen is truly illuminating. You not only get to look into the eyes of these talented fiends, but you get to see the cinematic world of Horror through their eyes as well."

- Stephen Volk, author of Whitstable and Leytonstone

"At last - a book about horror that shows the beauty of the form! This is a series of interviews with some of the most exciting voices in the genre - always engaging and enthusiastic - punctuated by Marta's own extraordinary artwork. If the eyes are windows to the soul, the pictures here - of the writers' eyes, always of their eyes - seem unnervingly intimate and revelatory. This is a beautiful book - not only for the genuinely gorgeous art on display, but also for its triumphant celebration of horror and the sheer scope of what it can achieve. "

- Robert Shearman, World Fantasy Award winning author; his latest collection is "the choose your own adventure labyrinth" We All Hear Stories in the Dark

"In Horror in the Eye of the Beholder, Marta Oliehoek-Samitowska joins skilled colored pencil portraits of a host of contemporary horror writers with equally skilled interviews with them.  Focusing on the traditional windows to the soul, her drawings bring us eye-to-eye with her subjects, allowing us to study the organs through which they apprehend the world.  With her interviews, she grants us insight into each writer's unique perspective and process by exploring their relationship to film.  The resulting combination of visual art and written text creates a more full, more dynamic representation of each writer than either portrait or interview could achieve on its own. Horror in the Eye of the Beholder is a unique, worthy addition to the critical literature of horror fiction.."

- John Langan, author of Children of the Fang and other Genealogies